Welcome to BDC website, the online home of a young real estate firm with an established heritage. A Lebanese company with an Iraqi background, Babylon Development Company descends from a long tradition of engineering, construction and real estate development. 

Our rich cultural background, originating from the Iraqi city of Babylon, is sure to contribute much to our ventures throughout the region. Iraqi people and Babylonians in particular, contrary to what much media coverage has implied, are a civilized, educated, and peace-loving people. Historically, Babylonians were among the first to advance in construction and put its principles to practice, thus helping to shape the future of building. 

We believe in Iraq & Lebanon, our headquarters of choice, as they have always been the region’s platforms to the world, and their real estate sectors have registered records resilience throughout decades of severe challenges. For us as for so many regional investors, Lebanon & Iraq are the perfect place to sow the seeds for planting our global vision.

Building upon its market experience and strategic partnerships, BDC is set for a promising future sure to contribute to both the real estate development sector and the local community. Our branches in Iraq & Lebanon will rely on Iraqis & Lebanese employees respectively, serving to create employment opportunities for local qualified personnel. 

BDC aspires to weave itself into the fabric of the community in which it operates, seeking innovative approaches to becoming an active community member, and giving the term ‘real estate company’ a whole new meaning. 

Our outlook is young, our field experience is extensive, and we are open to development and investment throughout the region. As we grow, so do our clients. No sooner do we initiate business with them than they become long-term associates and friends. Reflecting our constant growth and development, the website will frequently be updated to announce new ventures and properties, so make sure to visit us often to stay in the know.


Founder Saleem Al-Rubiai