Alta Vista II & III
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 In the heart of Mount Lebanon, on a gentle slope 750m above sea level, nestles a Lebanese city-village par excellence: Broummana.

Broumana, the core of Metn, lies halfway in between Beirut and the high mountains of Lebanon, thus, in between the coast and the skiing resorts. Broummana is a desirable place to live in. It is well known for its high standard of living and its luxurious residential environment. A hub for high-end hospitality and 'the good life', Broummana continues to be a symbol and magnet for visitors and tourists.


Investing in residential properties in lebanon is a sound and rewarding decision for many reasons, we list the following;  the country's resilience, its unique East-west cultural blend, entrepreneurial opportunities, year-round sunshine, and joie-de-vivre. As Lebanese locals and expatriates know, nothing beats the privilege of owning a home in Lebanon. As for Broummana, it is a safe and strategic choice, both autonomous and accessible.

Discription Floor  Area(m2)  T/G(m2) Bedroom Bath PKg P/m2 Price Status D/D
 Apartment A SS 250  50  3  4 2 2100 $525000   3 mnth
 Apartment B  SS  250  70  3  4  2     Sold  
 Apartment A  1  250    3  4  2     Sold   
 Apartment B  1  250    3  4  2  2200  $550000    3 mnth
 Apartment A  2  250    3  4  2      Sold  
 Apartment B  2  250    3  4  2      Sold  
 Apartment A  3  250 Height Ceiling   3  4  2      Sold  
 Apartment B  3  250 Height Ceiling  3 4  2      Sold